Vesper with Aaron Roche - God Himself Is With Us

from by Sounds Familyre



Words: Gerhardt Tersteegen (1697-1769), tr Hymnal 1940, alt; st. 3 tr. Henry Sloane Coffin (1877-1954)
Music: Tysk, from Psalm und Choralbuch, 1719


God Himself is with us;
Let us all adore Him,
And with awe appear before Him.
God is here within us;
Souls in silence fear Him,
Humbly, fervently draw near Him.
Now His own who have known God,
in worship lowly,
Yield their spirits wholly.

Gladly, Lord, we offer
Thine to be forever,
Soul and life and each endeavor.
Help us to surrender Earth’s deceitful treasures,
Pride of life, and sinful pleasures:
Thou alone shalt be known
Lord of all our being,
Life’s true way decreeing.

Thou pervadest all things;
Let thy radiant beauty
Light mine eyes to see my duty.
As the tender flowers eagerly unfold them,
To the sunlight calmly hold them;
So let me quietly in Thy rays imbue me;
Let Thy light shine through me.

Come, abide within me;
Let my soul, like Mary,
Be Thine earthly sanctuary.
Come, indwelling Spirit,
With transfigured splendor;
Love and honor will I render.
Where I go here below,
Let me bow before Thee,
Know Thee and adore Thee.


from A Familyre Christmas - Volume 5, released December 17, 2012
Vesper - Voice
St. Nicholas Zork - Violin
Aaron Roche - All other instruments

Arranged, Recorded, and Mixed by Aaron Roche



all rights reserved